The Ultimate Breakthrough Series

This series is a must have for any believer who is ready to breakthrough into destiny.  In this series, the Lord Jesus gives Dr. David Blow insight, revelation and prayers that will step you into breakthrough in every area of your life.  Your life will never be the same after you experience the Ultimate Breakthrough series.

The Flavor of Love Series

Married or single, this series is a must have!  Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Dr. David Blow gives practical Bible teaching about every area of love, lust, dating, courting, marriage and sex.  This is one series every believer needs to have in his/her Christian library.

The Throw Back Series

The Word of God declares that God’s Word will not return unto Him void, but it will accomplish that which He purposed.  Often times while we are waiting for the Word to accomplish the thing that God has purposed, our spirit is encouraged by listening to a particular Word again and again.  The Throw Back series contains such messages of faith.  These messages have blessed and encouraged thousands of people, now let them bless and encourage you.  Once you hear these messages, you will say, “throw that message back on again.

Strength to go the Length

Strength to go the Length is a series of messages that God gave through His servant the Reverend Dr.Danita Wofford Blow.  These messages are designed to remind every believer that you can make it.  These six powerful messages of faith are custom designed by the Holy Spirit just for you.  As you are blessed by these messages, you will feel as though God has given Reverend Danita unique insight into your life and circumstance.  These messages are dripping with spiritual insight and revelation that will indeed give you the Strength to go the Length.

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